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Repairing stripped spark plug

Heath KnoxHeath Knox

    Are the threads gone or do they just need chased? Do the plugs have aluminum on the threads? Or do the plugs not tighten down at all now?

    Over the years I have had several people bring me there cars for stripped plugs. I never had much success with in car plug thread repair. I had some that lasted for years and some that tossed the plug on fire up. Its a crap shoot at best. But they do make repair kits.

    My suggestion is to pull the head and take to a machine shop. There repair is much closer to permanent. That is if you feel that this car is worth that kinda expense. Right now I have a Honda (98 civic D16y8) in my driveway with its head pulled and minus the valves I had to put in it I’m over $200 just in the head gasket set and head blots. Plus alot of other little things that add up fast like some heater hoses, oil and filter, and coolant.

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