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Rpm surge only with A/C


    Thanks for the replies everyone!

    Ok ill try to address everything..

    First, I meant to say bank 1 sensor 2 (apologies) which my CEL is pulling P0141. I replaced the o2 sensor when I bought the truck and reset the light, but it returned shortly afterwards, going off and on sometimes. I’ve ignored this because I understand it monitors the efficiency of the cat converter, not the fuel/air ratio, thus ruling it out for my A/C surges.

    Secondly, My EGR has the leak at the junction where the rear of the valve meets the pipe leading to the exhaust manifold. I didn’t assume this was the cause of the surges because when my a/c is off, my idle is normal and no surges at low speeds either. Wouldn’t the surges occur without the A/C on too if it was the EGR to blame? But, I going to take the valve off this weekend to fix the bolt issue, clean, and test the diaphragm to rule it out.

    So, am I wrong to come back to the compressor as the culprit? I mean it acts just like uncharged system would, only it’s charged and when it cycles, it surges…

    oh Greyfox – Yes, I completely understand if I don’t know how to do something, to not tinker with it. But, if I never take a step to learn how to do it myself (and not damage it), it won’t get fixed. That’s why I started teaching myself how to work on engines. A girls gotta start somewhere C8-)

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