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Starting a subaru boxer for the first time in 3 or 4 years


yea, those are in my plan after I get it to the point I can move it to the other side of my garage where my tools and better lighting is. I grabbed a 6 pack of LED shop lights and my one bay will soon have them so they are all around the car. Getting old means I need more light. 🙂

I need to rebuild the 2 front calipers so after that I am going to flush out the brakes. the coolant is a given. The belts are newer, I put them on 4 years ago but they have like 20k on them. no fuel filter on 2006 models and up (I hate that, I want a filter) and I will check the battery cables when I put the new bat-tery in it. I am also flushing the coolant when I do that, I’ll do new hoses and a thermostat. Because when will the thermostat go? right after a fluid change.