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Submersible fuel hose ?

Albert Paul
Albert Paul

Thank you so much for replying nightflyr. I must say, you didn’t just give me some one line half thought answer, you obviously did some searching to provide me with meaningful info. I really appreciate that.
After so much negative experiences trying to find a hose to work with, I decided to reach out to the shop that sold me the startlite hose to inquire if they sold me just what they felt like or did they really know their game and the reasoning behind selling me this hose for my application so I made a call to the parts store and asked a tech for a sensible explanation.

I have since found out unlike other layered hoses the Startlite FBU0600 racing hose inner tube is itself made of Aeroquip’s patented elastomer and will stand up to fuels inside and out, the Nylon sheath or what they referred to as (abrasion-resistant, fire-retardant Nomex/Kevlar®cover) also will not be an issue when I use regular worm gear type hose clamps on the pumps outlet or beaded fuel line. As was pointed out to me, the manufacturer also supplies aeroquip PRO clamps (Aluminum Hose Finishing Pro Clamps)

[color=red]Hose end finishing clamps (Pro Clamps) add cosmetic
appeal and keep braided hose from fraying when used with
push-on hose connections. Aluminum housing retains a
stainless worm-drive clamp.[/color]