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Two Years Old and 80,000 Miles

Michael Sackstein
Michael Sackstein

I would stay away from those if I were you. Fleet maintained means that they were owned by a company like a business agency, government, law enforcement, etc. and they can be well maintained but they are often worn out or have a side story behind them like perhaps they were in a flood or an accident that maybe you don’t know about. If you’re serious buying a car like that, I would pay a mechanic to check it out first before you buy it and he’ll tell you if it’s a good car to buy or not. As for the impala, I can tell you that some years are good some are not. I don’t know which years are more preferable than others but you would wanna do some research and find that out as well. 80k is a fair amount of miles for that car so again, proceed with caution. That’s my best advice