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02' Lincoln LS 3.9L – Violent Coolant Bubbling

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    Kenneth Mikolaichik
    Kenneth Mikolaichik

    2002 Lincoln LS 3.9L V8 Coolant Bubbling Issue

    Hello all,
    I have been driving this car for about 5 years and have just come upon an issue that is making me think I will have to sell it. I love this car and would like to figure it out. I am ASE certified and am an aircraft mechanic with Naval training. I am no stranger to engines and mechanics.

    Ok, so this issue started as I was driving from California to Texas. Before I went on this drive I replaced the hydraulic fan and associated hose along with the alternator because it had leaked all over it. I also replaced the entire suspension system (uppers, lowers, sway bar links, tie rod ends, springs, shocks, everything), the brake pads, calipers, and tires.

    I made it down the California coast of about 300 miles when the vehicle started running hot, the gauge sat just above the middle line on the temperature gauge. I turned on the heater and continued driving all the way to Arizona. When I stopped for gas in Arizona coolant began violently bubbling in the reservoir tank and dumped approximately a gallon of coolant onto the ground.

    I immediately thought that the thermostat was in a ‘stuck closed’ condition. I removed the thermostats inners with side cutters leaving only the metal ring and attached rubber gasket and reassembled the vehicle while topping off the coolant. I did not follow the bleed procedure at this point. I made it only about 2 miles down the road and the vehicle over heated heavily (I didn’t let it go into the red, it overheated quickly). After that I did not drive the vehicle for about 2 weeks and towed it the rest of the way to Texas.

    After that period of time, I flushed the radiator by inserting a garden hose into the engine coolant fill (Allen wrench cap) and started the engine in 30 second intervals for about 30 seconds each. I then installed a new thermostat and replaced coolant. I followed the bleed procedure. The vehicle continued to violently bubble large amounts of coolant out of the reservoir tank once warmed up and parked. This was after a short highway test drive of about 5 miles.

    At this point I replaced the entire coolant system except the radiator (which to my knowledge is original) and the reservoir tank (replaced 2 years ago along with cap). I replaced the upper coolant hose, the crossover tube, the lower radiator hose, the DCCV, the drain petcock on the radiator, and the auxiliary pump. I am still having the same problem where coolant is bubbling up in the reservoir after parking the vehicle (once warmed up).
    Can someone please help me with this issue. I do not understand where air is getting into the system and am going to perform a compression and leak down test to see if the head gaskets seals have lost integrity.

    There are NO VISIBLE LEAKS anywhere on the coolant system (both static and while running) and the garage floor is bone dry after days of sitting. The heater is hot as it should be and there is definitely coolant flow. There is no oil in the coolant. I am stumped.

    Here is a video of what is going on:

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    Nightflyr *
    Richard Kirshy

    Might suggest you perform a combustion gas test

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