03 Chevy Malibu surging issues

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    Andrew Nickles
    Andrew Nickles

    I recently replaced my intake gaskets because of a surging issue, thinking it was sucking air. Well I still have the issue and now have codes P1635 and p1236. I did have a completely dead battery but I don’t believe that’s the cause. Any ideas on what to try first?

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    college man
    college man

    Code 1635 is telling you is the 5 volt reference signal is low. Either a sensor is pulling it down or wiring issue. Could also be corrosion or a ground.
    You would need to monitor the 5volt reference signal with a scan tool and unplug the sensors one at a time to see when the 5 volts returns.
    For the p1236 Check that all your sensors are plugged in and seated from removing the intake.

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