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04 explorer 4.0 5 no reverse and no drive

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      Hi guys, I have a 04 explorer, 4.0, 5 speed automatic, 2wd…
      Last week I came home park the car on the parking lot, 5 mins. Later I wanted to use it, and it had no reverse and no drive, the 2 and 1 work for a little while and then nothing, when I put it in any gear you can hear that engage and the rpm goes up and it barely wants to move, someone told me that it need it a rebuild cuz the overdrive sprag was bad, I took the Tranny to the shop to rebuild it, and the guy replace the solenoid pack and the torque converter and another part( don’t remember)he said they were bad, at first he couldn’t find anything wrong with it and called me to know what was happening, and I told him was was it doing, and the next day he called me and said that those parts were bad and need to be replace, OK, I got the transmission back and I installed and I put the transmission back in and fill it up according to specs ( the repair manual was my best friend for that), I turn it on and same results…
      There are no codes for the transmission either, any suggestions that I can check before I take it back to the shop…
      Thanks in advance…

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      EricTheCarGuy 1EricTheCarGuy

        First, check the fluid level and condition. If it’s low, top it off and see if you still have the condition. I’ve written about this issue in this article.

        Good luck and keep us posted.

        William BlanksWilliam Blanks

          I went through the same thing, i was sure it was the torque converter but so i replaced it, drove a qtr mile had the same issue, the problem is the over drive sprag its about $25, i made a video on it here is the link..

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