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06 TL J Series Timing Belt Idler Stripped

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    I’m replacing the timing belt on my 06 TL and can’t torque down the idler pulley because the threads in the engine are ruined. Idk if it was cross threaded the last time it was in or what, but no amount of thread chasing will resurrect it. I wanted to use a TimeSert, but they’re closed until the new year. I was able to source a powercoil kit, but I only have about 5.5″ of space to work with before hitting the frame rail and a 4″ right angle drill + drill bit is too long to make it. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to approach this?

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    Pieter D
    Pieter Diekema

    That’s a tough one. Without pulling the engine I really don’t think you’re going to get an insert in there.

    You could try a slight longer bolt?
    Or stuff some steel wool in the hole and see if you can get any engagement. Throw some red or green loctite in there for good measure.

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