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07 Ford Ranger XLT 2.3l charging question…

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    Imtiaz Vohra
    Imtiaz Vohra

    2007 Ford Ranger XLT 2.3L Auto, 230k miles.

    Battery light on dash came on, then after about 2 miles, it goes off.
    Parked the car, came out 20 mins later, Battery light back on, went off about 4 miles later.
    Had the car tested at local auto shop:

    Battery Test: Good Battery Voltage: 12.65 , Measures 540 CCA , Rated: 540 CCA, Temp. 53deg.
    Starter Test: Cranking Normal Voltage: 10.96 Amps 0.0A Time: 6.00S
    Charging System Test: NO VOLTAGE

    Watched a few videos and started testing…
    Battery tested around 12.36v – 12.40v
    Battery Terminals are clean and tight
    Battery Ground wire is connected tight and no sign of corrosion.

    When the Battery light is ON and Car Running: Voltage at battery is less than voltage when I check with Car Not Running: Alternator is not doing its job…
    I charged the battery. Notice the battery light is OFF.
    With Battery light is OFF, Car Running voltage is higher than not running, seems normal, Alternator is doing its job.
    Tested battery and now shows around 12.90v,

    I’m thinking maybe Fusible Link has weak connection, sometimes it connects, sometimes its not.
    I’ve done some digging around and have some questions.
    Questions: Does my Ranger have a Fusible Link or a Master/Main Fuse? and where are they?

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    What’s the alternator voltage when the engine is running?

    Imtiaz Vohra
    Imtiaz Vohra

    I get around 13.8 – 14.4v when the car is running.
    This morning, I started the truck and I didnt get the battery light, I have a lighter voltage meter it was showing around 13.8 – – 14.4v when the car was running. I took the truck to work, 4-5 miles, and it was fine all the way over there. When I got in to leave for home, about 7 hours later, I got the light and voltage was showing around 12.5 on the meter.
    The guy I bought the truck for kept excellent service records, and
    he confirmed that the Alternator was never changed. 2009 Ford Ranger with 223K miles. Maybe its time for a new Alt? I dont mind changing it, but only if its bad. 🙂

    Anyone know if the Fusible links are near the alternator or the battery?
    I see some wrapped wires going from battery to starter with “Fuse Link” label, but I figured that would be for the starter.


    If the engine is running, and you have less than 13V at the alternator, and the alternator exciter is hot, then the alternator is bad.

    Imtiaz Vohra
    Imtiaz Vohra

    Checked the voltage at the alternator and read the same as at the battery. I replaced the alternator and so far no battery light.
    thanks for all the assistance.

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