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    Taylor Guilmartin
    Taylor Guilmartin

    So I have an 07 hyundai Tucson with
    about 60,000 miles on it. The other day
    my ABS module failed and locked up my
    brakes. This was a diagonal brake failure.
    I took it to the dealer the next day and
    they assessed that the ABS module had
    failed due to bad brake fluid. There was
    also a leak in the rear of the master cylinder.
    They quoted me an entire brake system
    overhaul including the ABS modules.
    This was not what I wanted to hear.
    The BIG problem is that 9 days prior
    to this brake failure I had brought my
    car in to the local mechanic to do an
    inspection. I was experiencing sideways
    pulling at high speeds. They did their
    inspection and were unable to replicate
    the issue. They said they visually checked
    the brake fluid stating it looked good an
    was at the appropriate level. They took
    a picture from the side of the resevoir
    but not of the brake fluid color.
    In the picture of the resevoir the fluid
    looks darker than it should. They gave a
    report stating that the car was in great
    shape and needed only a minor alignment
    adjustment. I had the work done and
    9 days later my brakes locked up.

    What do I do?

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