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09 Element vtec switch multiple failures

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    Donald Lee
    Donald Lee

    A few months ago, the check engine light and the VSA light both came on. Engine wouldn’t rev past 2500. My OBD2 scanner showed P2646, which is a fault with the vtec switch.

    Took the car to my preferred shop, which is a honda/acura specialist. They replaced the vtec switch.

    A few weeks later, problem happened again. Took it back, they diagnosed that the new part had failed and replaced it under warranty.

    Today, it happened again. Check engine and VSA lights. Checked again, same code.

    Every time this fault happened, it was raining. Hard.

    Another thing is that after a shutdown and restart, the check engine light remains, but the VSA light goes off. It comes back, but until it does the engine seems to run normally.

    It seem to me unlikely that two mechanical devices in a row have failed on rainy days.

    Any thoughts on what’s getting wet in the wiring?

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