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    So to keep it short…
    This started with a seized driver rear caliper and then warped rotors. New pads and rotors installed without issues, lubed calipers and cleaned caliper surfaces for easy pad install. Pedal was noticeably soft at this point. Bled a 4 sides with manual bleeding and the aid of a pressure bleeder together. (Car has been bled so much I own stock in Prestone DOT 4)
    Replaced rear brake lines after finding this is a common issue with ford lines collapsing.
    Seems I don’t have much left at this point…
    I have front brake lines on the way and regained SOME brake function with the new rear lines.

    (To clarify I have brake bleed down ONLY after the car is on and running the master doesn’t bleed down with the car off and I am still at about 60%-70% total pedal usage )

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