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‘15 fiat 500 sport 0% trim downstream O2

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    Aaron Johnson
    Aaron Johnson

    So here is what’s going on. 2015 fiat 500 sport with apx 94500 miles bought used two months ago.

    When I first got this car, I took it right to get serviced oil, plugs, and air filter. After leaving the shop about 20 miles away check engine light came on. Found out that the vacuum pump blew the seal and coated the O2 sensor with oil shorting them out. I took it to a fiat dealer to have the issue fixed. They changed both O2 sensors, vacuum pump seal and did a computer update, a total of $1200. Two weeks after getting the car fixed, the light came back on again. I have the OBD ran and came back with too lean, low voltage, and heater malfunction on the downstream season. I checked around the vacuum pump and found it leaking yet again. Upon doing some googling, it’s a known issue that when the vacuum pump seal goes, you have to replace the vacuum pump because it went bad. I went back to the dealer to have it fixed, not under warranty because the O2 sensor failed due to oil getting into it, and the pump wasn’t changed, so it had no warranty. I hate getting bent over like that.

    So I’ve taken it upon myself to fix the issue.

    I have ordered and replaced the vacuum pump and seal with the downstream O2 sensor—super simple job. But the only issue I’m having is the check engine light keeps coming back after being cleared. When I plug in the OBD2 and look at live data on the downstream sensor, I’m getting 0% trim. Brand new right out of the box. What is causing this? Btw the other readings are normal besides that one.

    I contacted the auto parts store and they informed me that I need to do a drive cycle for permanent codes to clear. While I was out today my light came on with code P0141 (archive/ inactive, pending and confirm). The OBD2 reader gives a note “

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