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1987 RHD “Alaskan Postal” CJ8 Torqueflite 999 odd issues

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    dakota wills
    dakota wills

    In the past couple of years I have collected enough of these to put one viable vehicle together. I am not much of a mechanic but i managed to make it work and get a safe daily driver out of it. When i was mating up the transmission i didnt take the time to really service it besides new filter + pan gasket, even though it was an unknown and had been sitting for 20+ years. (torqueflite 999 3sp auto). it always had a small vibration during driving, but i assumed and still do that its shot body mounts(may be pertinent, but who knows). Well, it blew the front main on the tranny and i obviously lost power and parked it. I dropped the tranny, and even though i have never attempted a transmission rebuild i gave it a shot. I had the help of my Caterpillar mechanic friend who specializes in heavy equipment transmissions. It was fairly clean when we pulled it apart and everything looked fine except that seal. We didn’t do the clutch packs since it seemed good to go. Replaced all the o rings and seals, reseated everything, put the pump back in after replacing its ring and gasket and put the torque converter back in. Once mounted back up it didn’t have any leaks and its full in neutral. The issue i am running into is that the transmission doesn’t seem to go into lockup in third on the highway and that when starting cold, it seems to have no “mass” in the torque converter and i have to let it idle for about 10 minutes(normal in Alaska anyway) and then put it in drive and gently rev it a couple times to build enough “power” to get it to go. Once going it shifts fairly fine, i can manually shift it fine if i want, reverse works ok and its great. but if i park it for a couple hours its this whole thing again. I worry that i screwed up the valve body or the pump wasn’t put back together correctly. Or, that in my ignorance during disassembly i took a couple bolts out of the valve body, enough so that a couple mil gap formed before i realized what i was doing and re torqued(to spec) the bolts back down and removed the correct ones to take it out….. and this may have dorked up the valve body somehow.

    I assume this is all based on a pressure issue… but i dont want to start ripping into the wrong part. I have had some say its a torque converter issue… but i have had those fail and its usually you CANT stop and it become a 1 to 1 with no slip. Some say pump… which makes sense, but i am not sure if that ruins the whole tranny or just a pump swap.. and others say the valve body is gunked or messed up and rebuilding that is intimidating to me.

    Any help or advice is super appreciated.

    Any help or ideas are appreciated.

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