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1994 Chevy K1500 too much fuel and no spark

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    Justin Knisley
    Justin Knisley

    1994 Chevy K1500 5.7L 5spd

    New user here, but i’m having a problem with the truck. Main issues are no spark at the plugs and the fuel injectors (key on engine off) are spraying as if under wide open throttle, causing the bowls in the throttle body to flood.

    I’ve tested the injector wires with an ohm meter from the injectors up to the ecm and nothing seemed to be broken anywhere. Tested the input of the coil and am getting batt voltage to the coil. When I unplug the connectors at the injectors, the fuel pump kicks on and no fuel sprays so I assume the pressure regulator is fine. I’ve also changed the ecm with a re-manufactured unit and nothing has changed. Everything so far is telling me that the ecm is the problem, am I missing something else somewhere?

    Does this year vehicle need an ecm reflash? If so can a gm dealership do this or do I need to find an independent shop to do so?

    No blown fuses under the dash or under hood at fire wall

    Distributor replaced 6 months ago (parts store brand cant remember exactly)
    New ac delco parts
    Throttle position sensor
    MAP sensor
    Coolant temp sensor and switch
    Cap, rotor, coil
    Rebuilt fuel pressure regulator
    Car-done re-manufactured ecm 77-6396 swapped stock bduy PROM from old ecm to the replacement

    Obd1 codes 42 and 33 were present before I changed ecms

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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