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    So I’ve got a 1995 Chevy K2500 that is no start/no crank. All the dash lights come on and stay on when trying to start. However, the radio turns off when they ignition is in the start position. Headlights work, wipers work, hazard lights work, dome lights work. The starter is recently rebuilt and I bench tested it to make sure the solenoid and motor were functioning. Everything appeared okay. Used a light tester at the starter and had the light come on at the solenoid wire when the key was turned to start and the cable from the battery was always hot. So I’m assuming that the starter solenoid is receiving 12 volts when trying to start, but why is it not engaging the starter. .. Also, the battery tested at 12.6 volts. Fuses appear to be okay. Does this sound like an ignition switch issue even though it’s sending power?? No starter relay on this truck. Can I rule out neutral safety switch since the solenoid was receiving power when the key was turned on? Not sure if this is here nor there, but the gear indicator on the dash is not showing what gear it is in unless it’s in “1” . Thanks for any help. This is driving me crazy.

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