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1996 Honda Civic Misfire/Stuttering Under Load After Warmed Up

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    Ricky Rondo
    Ricky Rondo

    Hello everybody,

    A bit of info about the car: It’s a 1996 Honda Civic, has the D16Y7 engine, has 272,xxx KM on it (169,xxx Miles).

    The problem: Car starts up well, sometimes the idle will sound a little low, but it has never stalled out on me while idling. If the idle is rough, I give a quick punch on the accelerator and it idles great after that. When I’m taking off from a standstill with the vehicle pointed downhill, there is no misfire/stuttering problem. But when the vehicle is on even a slight grade pointed upward, when I take off from a stand still the vehicle misfires/stutters very badly, misfiring/stuttering also occurs after shifting but seems to only occur below about 2,700 RPM (hard to tell exactly as I don’t have a tach).

    It’s like I’m pressing the accelerator but the power’s just not being made by the engine, I say stuttering/misfiring because the feeling it makes is like the same feeling I’d get if I was driving in too low of a gear and about to stall.

    The vehicle starts up great, no problems there, always fires up within the first couple of cranks. The vehicle drives like there’s no problems at all while it’s warming up, the problem only shows up after it’s been warmed up, shut off, and then started up again. For example: I could drive the vehicle from home to the grocery store and experience no problems, however, on the drive home the problem begins to show itself.

    I’ve done some research and have read it could be anything from spark plugs, distributor cap/rotor, spark plug wires, ignition coil, or a weak/dying battery. I don’t want to just start throwing the whole parts store at it. There’s no CEL or Battery light on the dash.

    Spark plugs are 4 years old and have 56,xxx KM (34,xxx Miles) on them
    Distributor rotor is 2 years old and has 17,xxx KM (10,xxx Miles) on it
    Fuel filter is 1 year old and has 12,xxxx KM on it (7,xxx Miles) on it

    Thanks for reading this, any info. is appreciated.

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    Lisa Elliott
    Lisa Elliott

    I had quite the adventure for over a year dealing with this same issue…96 Civic EX, D16Y8
    If you are still (been a month since you posted) open for ideas let me know. I sure know what worked and what didnt.

    Jake F
    Jake F

    Was going to say to check the oil pressure, but your OBD2 system is far ahead of my OBD1 93 Camry. Maybe your timing is way off because your harmonic balancer is somehow ruined after 160k. If there’s no maintenance record on this gem, you’re chasing multiple issues. Don’t even know if this is a standard or automatic tranny. Good luck!

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