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1997 Civic HX 5spd Clutch won't disengage

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    I am having the same problem. I have a 1997 Civic HX, I left at my mother’s when I moved in the late Fall of 2019. I couldn’t travel back to my mothers to get it because the pandemic hit shortly after I moved and didn’t travel. Fast forward to November 2021, first time back to visit my mother and start the car for the first time in nearly 2 years. I am able to start and drive the civic about 10 miles until I come to a parking lot. At that point I park and when I start the engine the clutch won’t go into gear. I can put the clutch in neutral with the engine off but not with the engine on. There was a full amount of fluid in the clutch fluid reservoir.

    I am back trying to fix the car. I replaced the whole external clutch hydraulic system – hose, pipes, CMC and CSC. I thought I bled it well and proper, with the slave moving with the pedal depressed. Despite all this, no clutch disengagement.

    I really want this problem to be the CMC, CSC and a bleeding issue, I am trying to NOT have to drop the tranny to fix something else.

    Given the above, my questions are:
    1) With the slave cylinder removed, there is quite a bit of “loose rattling” of the clutch fork. Is this normal>
    2) How much slave + clutch fork movement is to be expected with a properly bled system ?

    I took some videos of the movement and put it on youtube. Can you tell me if the travel of the CSC with the clutch fork is enough ? Is the clutch fork “rattle” with the slave off something that is expected ?

    Here is the Clutch Slave seemingly moving the clutch fork; the clutch still doesn’t disengage. Is this not enough movement?

    Here is the movement of the clutch fork without the slave cylinder, should there be this much rattle with no slave cylinder?

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