1998 Accord knock sensor

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    Hello everyone hope you are having a great day.

    My 1998 Accord ECU was very loose and I was wondering if having the screws would trigger any codes. I have a p0235 or knock sensor and notice that the computer was almost disconnected from its place I had a mechanic work in my car and found that he forgot to finish up several things after I got the car back. I also purchase a new knock sensor and trace the cable all the way to the ecu. Also noticed that the knock sensor cable has a layer or strand wired and in the middle of the cable has a the wire that goes to the sensor. I am assuming the knock sensor has a shielded cable. The shielded section of the cable does deviate to connect with another cable prior to reaching the ecu and connect with other cables of witch I do not know what they do. This is how far I have gone for now. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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