1998 Honda Accord V6 High Idle

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    Ron WisRon Wis

      I just finished replacing the serpentine belt, power steering pump belt, tensioner and passenger (right side) motor mount. Started the engine and the RPM is at about 2200 and will not drop. No codes. I’ve heard that the cruise control cables on the 4 cyl. can get yanked causing the throttle to remain open. Checked the cruise control unit (which is in the area I was working) but the cable seems fine. Also did a computer reset by running until fans go on. Coolant levels seem solid. Checked for pulled off vacuum lines – none. Throttle cables seem fine. One clue is that I noticed that the gear shift release button can not be depressed and can’t be put into gear. By the way, I tapped on the Idle Air Control and nothing changed.

      I can’t imagine how changing the belts could have caused this. Car has 72K on it, so low mileage.

      Any help would be appreciated!

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      Ron WisRon Wis

        I believe I found the problem. The cruise control cable seems to be pulling open the throttle slightly. I may have bumped it or pulled it while working on the belts. I pulled the cable away from the throttle cam gave more slack at the cruise control actuator. It seems to have lowered the idle, but am not sure it wont creep up again through use.

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