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1998 Honda CRV, Manual transmission – continued high idle

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    Thanks to this forum, videos, and my own tinkering I got my 1998 Honda CRV with a manual transmission running much better after replacing … quite a few parts. Some were needed, some were not. Anyway, to summarize its got new fuel injectors, valves have all been adjusted, new IAC (Idle Air Control Valve), TPS sensor, MAPS sensor, engine temperature sensors, and some other parts that didn’t really help.
    Anyway, its running way better now then it was. The only problem we are currently experiencing now is a high idle after start up in the mornings. Its idleing about 2,000 RPM or so for … some time before it finally kicks down to normal (750 RPM)
    It used to do this for a couple of minutes after start up, but now we are drivng to work (10 minute drive) and its still doing this when we pull into the parking lot.
    Please note, this is a manual transimission and I have found some differences on the manual transimission. Example – the idle air control valve is a little differn’t (air port on the IAC is almost twice the size as the same part on an automatic transmission) Also, I am pretty confident I do not have a high idle air valve, I have looked all over the intake manifold and throttle body and this part simply does not exist on my car.
    So, finally down to my two questions:
    1 – any clues why the idle is staying so high for so long on the car and how I could possibly fix it?
    2 – Anyone know what the IAC recalibration procedure is for this vintage car? I googled and find a variety of answers. We are driving the car about 15 miles every day to work for about a week and the problem continues.
    Please note – once the car is warm it runs awesome! It can run the air conditioning at idle no problem, the RPM doesn’t hunt anymore while idleing, good power, runs great, also does not hessitate to start.

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    Well … no feedback from the forum.
    In case anyone encounters this problem, I believe my after market IAC valve is sticking open when cold. After a cold engine start and then running for 15 minutes, engine temp is 185+ degrees, and still idleing at about 2,500 RPM. I shut the car down and restart it, and then it runs awesome.
    I ordered another brand of after market IAC and will return the original and see if that helps.

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