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1999 Accord 2.3l died on the highway. No CEL…

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    James Harold McNeil
    James Harold McNeil

    …and the engine never stopped running, but the car wouldn’t move, wouldn’t rev over 1,500 RPM, and after a while I couldn’t connect to the ECU.
    The car drove fine until suddenly slowing to a stop without any warning. Everything on the dash looked fine. Nothing looked out of the ordinary–until I tried to move or rev.

    I keep an OBD-II bluetooth dongle plugged in and checked for pending codes as soon as I started losing power. There weren’t any, but when I tried it again Torque just said it couldn’t connect.

    Mom drove me home and a tow truck took my car to a shop, but the driver said he drove my car up the ramp, it just hesitated to start.

    My mechanic drove her for 10 miles and idled for an hour without an issue. I immediately drove to AutoZone and someone checked my battery and alternator, saying they were working perfectly, but told me to clean the little bit of corrosion on my terminals.

    I have driven my car for at least 50 miles without a problem, not even any hesitation on startup.

    By the way, she had a quarter tank and all of the fluids are topped off and the right color.

    What do I check next?

    Thank you very much! Have a great day!

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