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1999 Acura Integra Transmission stops working then works after Restart

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    Ok have a 1999 Acura Integra GS replaced all suspension axles cooling minor engine components steering car runs great. Everything I did. Not my specialty as I went to school for GM and this is my daughters car. So here is problem. A in June speedo goes and bounces knew what that problem was the gear but as im driving I hit a stop sign and I stop. Well I go to start all car does is rev but doesnt move. Im stuck. I go to push car to side of road but I shut car off well ned to get into neutral so I just start car and shift guess what car now moves so I drive im only few blocks from home. Well this happens 2 more times at stop signs not while im driving only after I stop. I get home I then notice I have massive fluid coming from where shift cable connection thru cover and I remove cover there is a tiny hair crack in housing then I have 2 error codes one for speedo I know for fact and I think other is for trans ratio I cant remember but as it is Im just going to go to guy who fixed a truck in an emergency over night for me so I could plow but that trans guy sold shop to another guy.

    So new guy gets this car states rebuilt trans they just welded the tiny hair crack and rebuilt trans showed me a big cracked gear from inside trans ok means nothing to me just fix. So says its fixed I pick car up I drive and after a day guess what? Sitting at a stop light it turns green I go to move it doesnt move. Mind you it never happens while car is actually in motion remember this though. Anyways I shut car off restart and car now moves. I bring it back and I had it do this several times mind you so back it goes he states its an electrical problem Hmm maybe I do have a certificate in auto electricity from GM but this is an acura. Different beast. So he tells me he will have to check for power drain this time there also were no error codes. So he keeps car for 2 weeks omg he now has had car a total of 6 weeks I damn near rebuilt entire car in 2 months. I ask did you replace the shift sensors when rebuilding actually all the sensors should have been replaced its part of a trans overhaul. He didnt. For 2700 I could have had a trans built. Anyways he tells me car is working test driven cant replicate issue after changing shift sensor. So I have the car for 2 months it only gets used very seldom as daughter got new car but after only putting 614 miles on car today Im driving 50 miles an hour and all of the sudden something that never happened before the trans stops working I was lucky it was early morning as it was a busy street so I pull over or coast over to side im half in lane half out traffic picking up speed limits 55 needless to say what happened was dangerous now sitting is more dangerous I called for a tow because after trying to restart the car 10 times it just wouldnt move so I left car on for heat as its 32 degrees at 5 am while waiting for tow I decide lets shut off and restart after trying for 40 minutes and not working bam it starts moving lol so my main concern is getting off main road I start moving get about a block and trans stops working but I was able to turn on a side street with no traffic and get off onto side. In six attempts of restarting I was able to get the car 50 ft into an empty parking lot. While im waiting I play around to get a better feel of whats going on. Same thing but I didnt have to wait 40 minutes to move worst was 2 or 3 start attempts so I would rock car basically reverse drive but slow and I did noticce car would like hesitate and struggle to move but would move eventually after going forward reverse forward reverse thean forward would do the same in reverse then just stop. Id have to restart and Id do the same thing F R F R F R and then F would struggle to move but then move but then when I stop wouldnt move. I now have tow truck he is witness asI told him just drive it up onto your platform he had to restart 3 times but he was able to drive it up. Now I get to trans guy he has witnees and he says he doesnt need one. Then he again states something electrical and says something electrical could have caused new sensors to go bad. Sorry If you have a short it just doesnt disappear. How did he get car to run for 2 months or 614 miles. It could possibly be the Trans Control module but im sure a code would pop up and if it were bad how did he get car to work for 614 miles it would have stayed bad. I think its a mechanical issue inside trans or torque converter youd think new torque converter would come with trans over haul it didnt. To me it sounds like a blocked flow of fluid in screen causing sensor not to work. If he redid trans why would fluid be blocked? I think he did a half baked job on rebuild. He knows whats wrong and did a quick fix to get moving but had he done a real rebuild this shouldnt be happening. Fact same guy rebuilt this transmission for previous owner before my daughter bought and its warranty only expired because of time 2 years were up it was only driven 10 k miles in 4 years then daughter got and it was driven from 2017 2018 until June 2019 when spedo went and then all the issues started never any issue until then.
    If anyone has any ideas please let me know. I have my feelings and right now I think I should have just rebuilt myself. The car runs rides great now after the work I did and motor cant beat honda its at 154k and can probably get another 150k at least and nothing I have replaced has gone bad in 2 years abs engine suspension motor etc. I just dont think this gguy did the job he states he did and unfortunately thats the way many are now they want a quick buck but dont want to do the work.

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