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1999 Ford 350 Super Duty 6.8L 4×4 made Oct. 1998

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    K J
    K J

    Hi Eric.

    I hope this message finds you well. I’d appreciate your input in regards to my trucks current situation.

    Topic: Auto parts store wheel studs, installed on a new front wheel bearing hub assembly; bought from the dealership.

    Side Note: Sinking brake pedal after being bled since new hub installed

    8″ lift
    35*13.5*20 federal tires
    1/4 wheel spacer

    200k KM on the odometer. I recently installed a front wheel bearing hub.
    Since then, my wheel fell off while driving; twice.

    Truck was recently brought out of storage, since installation of the hub assembly. Wheel fell off driving and the 1/4 inch wheel spacer – shattered.
    Tire was reinstalled on the remaining 6 out of 8 wheel studs, without the wheel spacer.

    Truck was OK driving for 3 days, going to and from work.

    New studs came in from shipping and were installed.
    I hammered out the broken studs. After removing and placing hub on a firewood round; hammered in the new studs. The wheel bearing hub came from the dealership. I drove roughly 1km and my wheel fell off with no spacer applied.

    (6) wheel studs from the auto parts store were inserted via hammer, whilst stranded along the highway. New 1/4 spacer bought and installed.

    Crawled truck home.

    Installed new master cylinder. Currently, awaiting on a helper, to assist in bleeding. No fittings came with new master cylinder so, bench bleeding was not available at this time.

    Did I mess my new hub up by hammering the studs in both times?

    Thank you for your feedback and have a good night.

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