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2000 Honda CRV P1399 Misfire code with no misfire

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    Went back this morning after doing plenty of reading last night armed with all my tools and 4 new NGK oem spec V Power Copper Spark plugs, ZFR6F-11.

    Before even starting the car, I pulled the plug from cylinder #1 and it was an NGK iridium plug that was fairly well worn. I swapped all 4 plugs and cleaned the plug boots that had a slight oil film on them and maybe some condensation. We’ve had some serious weather swings here and today is 40 degrees cooler than yesterday.

    Started the car up with the scanner on and it still had the P1399 as well as a cylinder #4 misfire code. Shut it off, cleared the codes and pulled the dist. cap off. Rotor and cap are fine and within a year old from when I pulled the distributor to change to o-rings.

    Putting the scanner into global OBD 2 mode instead of honda specific seems to show the actual cylinder misfire codes instead of the generic 1399.

    Started it back up again and this time no check engine light on steady or flashing.

    Let it full warm up, took it for a drive then came back, shut it off and did a hot restart. No codes, then I let it sit for 20 minutes to cool down and restarted it. Still no more codes permanent or pending.

    I am going to swap the plug wires. I am pretty sure they are 20 years old.
    I’m also going to check the valves while I am at it since its nowhere in the maintenance logs for the car either.

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