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2000 Toyota Camry Water Pump Leak (Looking for Cause, with Pictures)

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    As title stated, i’m finally pinpoint the leak comes from the water pump.

    There are obvious scraping marks on the right side of the water pump. The left side of the assembly with the metal fan looks fine. The coolant leaks from the front.

    Initially I thought it was gasket.

    But when I took out the whole assembly I noticed the marks on the right side and without bolts the two parts are not sealed completely as you can see in the last picture.

    I am looking for reasons why the water pump failed. I’m worried it’s something related the timing or belt not aligned properly, but I don’t have the knowledge to confirm.

    I just would like to have an opinion, should I just replace the water pump whole assembly or is there something else caused this failure.

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    Guessing that’s the original pump. 19 years is a pretty good run. How many miles?


    It only got 133k on it. But I’m not sure if it’s the original water pump. I’m sure the timing belt is not original.
    Do you know that scraping mark just the normal wear for an older component?
    I’m thinking just clean the surface and put a new gasket on it.
    But I’m not sure if there’s other factors caused that mark.
    Thank you.


    eh, dude! You have the water pump out of / off the car…why not just replace it? If memory serves those might run you $35 – $45 for a new one.

    I had a water pump start leaking along the shaft. Not a big leak, just a drip. I ignored it or added some leak stop to the system, and everything was fine…..until I was taking a short-cut through an interesting part of town and the car overheated. Had to walk a few blocks to Rite Aid to get a couple of gallons of distilled water so that I could get home. That kind of taught me that it doesn’t make sense to mess around with quick fixes or half baked stuff – just get the right part and be done with it.

    Another thing I learned along the way is don’t overthink every little issue – but often still need reminders! Parts fail or wear out for whatever reason. Unless the same part keeps failing, then it could be just a manufacturing issue or it reached it’s design life? So one can’t always do a forensic analysis of every part failure and come up with a greater issue that needs to be addressed. For me, something that inexpensive, I’d just replace and move on. Only IF the WP failed a second time would I go looking for bigger issues.

    But hey, just mho!

    Good luck!

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