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2001 Honda CRV stalling issue, 125,000 miles

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    Paul S. Francosky
    Paul S. Francosky

    My 2001 Honda CRV stalled on me a few months ago while I was driving. I pulled over tryed to restart, she wouldn’t. I shut off all accessories waited a couple of minutes, she restarts. I drove it to my mechanic. He had it for a few days couldn’t recreate the problem. So we changed the plugs and other minor things that hadn’t been done in a while. She ran fine no issues for several days, the 4th day I start going to work, get on the highway for maybe 1/4 mile and she dies again. This time wouldn’t restart at all. So I had it towed home. I unplugged the negative battery terminal because I couldn’t get to look at it for a while. So a couple of weeks later I plugged it in just to open the windows and decide to try starting it. She would crank but not turn over. That happened a few more times over the next week or so. Then I got the chance to try again and she cranked, turned over for a few seconds then died. A week later, and after I got myself a scan tool. I tried again, she cranked, turned over and was running like there was never a problem. So I let it idle for like 10 minutes, plugged my scan tool in started her again. No codes came over. So I decided to turn on the AC and she died 10 seconds later. ( the first time it happened it was a hot day also) Well now when I try to start her, she’ll turn over just have a very rough idle then stall, she’ll crank over then die.. There is no consistancy to what is happening. I have tried most of the little tests Eric had in his videos. The fuel pump has pressure, the battery is new and the voltage is in spec. I’m at my wits end on what to test. The Alternator was changed a couple of years ago(my mechanic had said it was fine). Sorry for the length of my post.. thank you in advance for any advice.

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