2001 oldsmobile aurora

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    I have a 2001 oldsmobile aurora that occasionally won’t start,it cranks over but does not fire. Then the next day it will start again, but when it does start it takes a few seconds of cranking and then starts and the RPM’S on tach go way up. If i turn it off and restart it starts normal and runs normal.

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      Here is a few video’s by Eric that may help you out –


        a common problem is the crankshaft sensor, ive had 2 2001 olds in the past couple of months with that problem.

        “When a crankshaft sensor has failed or is failing, certain timing problems will arise in engine function. The engine may start normally in some cases, but will cut off after a few minutes (or seconds) of operation. More than likely the engine will be unable to start at all. Since the crankshaft sensor is responsible for engine timing, the driver may experience engine backfire or irregular rpm function, if the vehicle starts at all.”


        where is this sensor located? is it a expensive fix?

        EricTheCarGuy 1EricTheCarGuy

          The sensor may be the problem but first check for spark and fuel to determine what’s missing before you go there. If you don’t have fuel pressure the crank sensor won’t help you.

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