2002 Altima

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    Hello- 2002 Altima was in limp mode with ses light on, pulled codes crank sensor. Replaced sensor and also found broken wire on pigtail. Replaced pigtail. Ses light now off but car still running the same, starts and idles fine, won’t rev above 1,2000. Pulled maf and engine died so I’m thinking that’s fine, plugged wire on each spark plug and all are working normal. Devoted to just replace the cam sensor since the crank and the cam are working together, no change. I checked voltage for each sensor with key on and am getting battery voltage. Tired pulling battery cables for awhile. No change, let car idle for an hour still no codes. I’m at a loss on what to do next. I don’t have a good scan tool just a code reader. Any thoughts on where to go next.

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