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2002 Buick LeSabre won’t crank/ won’t start

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    eric tichenor
    eric tichenor

    About a half year back a strange problem started emerging with my 2002 LeSabre – it wouldn’t crank, even though all the dash lights came on (although a bit dim) fine and other accesories worked okay. First thing I did was replace the battery, as it was near the end of its lifespan anyway. No problems for three months after battery replacement. Granted, it is an ’02, which means there’s lots of little electrical problems such as occasionally can’t see the odometer, random bulb burnouts, etc.

    Three months ago the problem came back. I thought it was a battery related issue but after I tested it and reconnected it, the car cranked right up. This problem has been recurring more & more in this past month – disconnect battery, wait 15-30 minutes, cranks up. There are no sounds like the starter is trying to engage, so I thought it might be something electrical. A friend suggested it could be the starter relay so I replaced it, but the problem still persists.

    It’s now kind of hit or miss when this situation will take place. Occasionally the wait time after battery disconnect / reconnect is up to 2-3 hours, which has left me stranded a couple of times.

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    When it has the problem, see if it has voltage at the starter. If not, follow upstream. If yes, check main grounds, replace starter.

    eric tichenor
    eric tichenor

    Thanks, relative4! Seems you were right about tracking down the problem from the starter & going upstream with the current flow. Seems the starter was already going bad & the ground connect point was pretty much shot. Replaced the starter & ground connector – now everything works fine.

    Nightflyr *
    Richard Kirshy

    Just spit balling here..
    But if after disconnecting the battery for some time the issue resolves itself.
    I would be looking towards the BCM and its connections.
    That vintage GM was noted for having issues with there BCMs BTW

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