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2002 Cadillac Escalade ext transmission

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    Rebel Richey
    Rebel Richey

    Hello gent’s…. I know it appears that I’m new here…however I’m actually a old school ETCG fan…. I use to run under onthe7thdayford however I have lost the email that account was linked to and I have forgotten the password….
    I will start off with the vehicle information I have and then proceed with a 2nd post on ( why ) I am choosing to handle the situation the way I am…..
    Let me start by saying I am no dummy when it comes to vehicles – Iv done plenty of transmission swaps – iv rebuilt plant of motors…. However I lack in electrical diag – I can track a bad tps down – I can use a volt meter but when it comes to a jumbled mess like this – I go to the top guys in the field…. I work with in my skill

    2002 Cadillac Escalade ext.
    I bought this truck from a friend who owns a transmission….
    Prior to me buying the truck – the transmission was rebuilt before – it lasted a week before going out again…. After the transmission failed my friend bought the truck ( The truck had been for sale ) my friend did not have the time nor the patience to mess with warrantein this transmission ( confused on way it failed…. So my friend bought it thinking he was just gonna upgrade from his 2002 chevy avalanche 5.3 to the Escalade 6.0….. anyway somethings came up and the truck (my friend now owned.) Set for a few months….

    I myself have been in a pretty bad situation for the last few years ( ex and child custody among some other things…..) I needed a vehicle and had 2k in my pocket…. My buddy made a deal to fix the transmission with all new stuff and I would do the install work ( I already do removal and install work for him )…. Anyway we made the deal… The transmission has since been rebuilt a 2nd time – with a completely new setup ( all new internals – new case/core – new sensors )…… Anyway the transmission appears to have the same shifting issues as before….. Soft messy shifting……
    We took it for a test ride after the rebuild and it was literally just like before – my friend had me drop the transmission pan and turn up the shift pressure control solenoid – this has helped ( but 1 – 2 is still mushy and kinda delayed – everything after that is ( ok ) but doesn’t seem right considering how many turns I put on the shift solenoid……

    I have no check engine lights on – I do however have abs lights ( the abs light comes on instantly – even after disconnecting the battery for a day – the codes are-


    Now some of these I believe I triggered – someone suggested I pull the abs fuse and see if that changes how the truck shift ( it did not )…

    There is also another issue with the truck…. My friend swears it was not like this ( when he got the truck!)

    Brake pedal goes to the floor….
    There are absolutely no rear brakes – only the front work…

    I have done years worth of transmission removal and installs for this man – iv never personally seen a transmission of his ( come back ) do to build quality…. Doesn’t mean it can’t happen – but to happen twice / two completely different transmissions……?

    I’m under the impression that the issue is related to the abs light being on….

    From what I gathered – I have a right front wheel speed sensor issue. C0223 c0221 c0222

    A steering angle code – c0207

    Abs c0298 c0288 c0285
    (c0292 this code triggered from the removed fuse)?….

    C0298 –
    GMC – Powertrain Control Module Indicates Traction Control Malfunction….

    As I said before – my friend swears none of this was on when he got the truck ( after the transmission burned up the 2nd time )!
    He thinks this is all new and unrelated….

    I have my suspicions that these codes are messing with the ecm tcm….. Especially the wheel speed sensor codes… Codes c0298 also looks like a suspicious – plus the rear brake issue…..

    I’m almost better the brake control moduler has failed or has a bad wire….

    Iv checked out the wheel speed sensor – it looks intact but still has some kinda issue….

    Anyone got any advice moving forward?

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    Nightflyr *
    Richard Kirshy

    Welcome to the wonderful world of modern vehicle electronics.
    Assuming the rebuild on the transmission was done correctly.
    You need to understand the operation of the electronics controlling the transmission ( which I’m quite sure are quite extensive and is most likely the cause of your shifting issue(s) )
    You could play swaptronics providing you have the funds available ( I would think that will get very expensive very quickly )
    But a wiser path to take is to get a hold of a trouble shooting flow chart that covers the operation of the transmission and its control module(s) and follow the procedures.

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