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2002 Chrysler Voyager Misfiring Running Rough

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    Jennifer Boardman
    Jennifer Boardman

    I’ve got a 2002 Chrysler voyager 3.3L, No EGR engine. ~125K Mi

    This is a “spare” car / project and i got it for next to nothing from my parents. I don’t really need this van, but at this point it’s a personal goal to get it working correctly again.

    Things I’ve check and verified / replaced:
    – replaced ECU – Had a bad checksum error code
    – replaced alternator – I’m fairly sure this cause the ECU error (over voltage)
    – verified good ground and replace battery
    – cleaned throttle body & IAC (tested IAC and Throttle Sensor) – Both good
    – check and fixed vacuum leaks with smoke test (found several on cracked hoses)
    – new map sensor
    – replaced crank and cam sensors (cam sensors are known to cause issues)
    – replaced fuel pump, filter, and injectors good fuel pressure
    – new plugs & wires (cracked old wires)
    – misfire code on ECU – on two of the cyl (don’t remember which ones) – bad coil (replaced)
    – vacuum test to verify exhaust and cat are not blocked
    – coolant flushed & new thermostat,
    – leaking water pump – replaced
    – radiator replaced as it was leaking where the plastic joins the metal (common issue)

    There is something still wrong that i’m missing. The engine is running rich and when looking at the limited data the voltage readings for the O2 sensors are jumping up and down and well as the spark advance. The exhaust smells like un-burnt fuel so is is running rich.
    It idles fine, but has no power. when you get on it it stumbles / misfires.

    I’ve checked everything that is obvious to me.

    What else to check?

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    Hard to say anything meaningful without seeing the data, but I’d be looking for leaky injectors, bad MAF sensor, or bad upper O2 sensor.


    A log when warmed up would be good. A log from a cold engine is less useful.
    When warmed up, what are your fuel trims at idle, 2500, and 4000?
    Does the fuel rail hold pressure with the engine turned off?

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