2002 Dodge Ram won’t idle.

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    John Bogan
    John Bogan

    5.9L v8 weekend truck won’t start. Battery has charge but I just get aggressive starter clicking when I turn the key. When I jump it the engine will fire and I can stay on the gas and the engine will run. However it will not idle and will die about as fast as you remove your foot from the pedal. I would assume that it’s probably a air flow issue (maybe a sensor) but why the difference in performance when I have the battery jumped off? Would love a few pointers since I’ll be under a heavy workload this week and will have minimal time to address it if I get any time off this weekend.

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    Nightflyr *
    Richard Kirshy

    Are there any CEL codes?
    There are a few possible issues that can cause a no idle condition.
    Bad MAF sensor
    Dirty throttle body
    Faulty idle air control valve
    Bad O2 sensors
    Clogged exhaust
    Low fuel pressure
    You’ll need a bit more information before any repairs can be done.

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