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2002 Honda CRV misfire and wet piston top but compression fine?

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    Hi all, I’ve got a 2002 Honda CRV 282,000miles that has been giving me some problems. Scanner is giving me codes for random misfires and misfire codes on cylinders 3 and 4. Symptoms are bucking and shuddering during acceleration as it warms up and during a hot start. Doesn’t seem to be low on power, but I’ve been taking it easy. I seem to be using coolant as well because every time I look inside the radiator I can only see the radiator fins, and I end up putting in about a quart or 2. I still have yet to see the engine overheat, and the coolant temp stays pretty consistently around 190 during any long drives. I pressure tested the radiator and it held 15psi for 5 minutes. Pulled off the plugs and compression test read cylinder #1 172psi cylinder #2 155psi cylinder #3 182psi and cylinder #4 185psi, yes you read that right the cylinders on 3 and 4 that are misfiring have higher compression?! During the compression test white smoke visually could be seen coming from cylinders 3 and 4, so I peered down the spark plug tube with a mag-light and the tops of cylinders 3 and 4 were wet and had noticeably less carbon (could see metal shine) than the bone dry and dark brown/black pistons of cylinders 1 and 2. I initially suspected head gasket, but wouldn’t I see an issue with compression? Next guess is a lower intake gasket issue, but unsure of how I could confirm that even if I removed it? I’ve thought about trying to throw some Bars stop leak in the radiator to see if I could seal whatever leak is happening, or should I try to do it right and remove the lower intake? Even if I do find a leaky gasket it could be due to a warping issue and not just a gasket failure though. Advice and help with what to do next and what the issue might be would be greatly appreciated! Thank you all

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