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2002 vw New Beetle with multiple problems

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    chase slatonchase slaton

      I have an 02 beetle that i just bought a week ago. On the drive home I started to lose power but it worked ok the rest of the way home. I have my room mate drive me to and from work since I didn’t have insurance that day. I get home that night to check the headlights. When I started the car the whole thing shook like an earthquake and the check engine light came on. I had a mechanic come out and he says I need a new coolant temperature sensor. so I got that replaced but then i go to fill up my gas and it starts to do the thing mentioned above. I got to the traffic light and my battery light and check engine light comes on. this time though the car doesn’t go. so I turn it off and try to turn it on again but only the lights on my dashboard came on. so I get out push the car forward and back, then it starts fine, without any of the lights on. from there on the car started working fine. I unfortunately know very little about cars, so if anyone can help me figure it out or want to just take the car off my hands i would greatly appreciate it.

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      Stephen BowenStephen Bowen

        Just an idea… I think there’s a set of fuse links on top of the battery in a small plastic covered case. (it flips open). It’s not uncommon for the plastic and the fuses to melt and cause electrical issues. A visual inspection will tell the tail.


        EricTheCarGuy 1EricTheCarGuy

          It does sound electrical, possibly an issue with the ignition switch based on your description. Very difficult to say for sure. I’d check the fuses as mentioned above and go from there. You might also check out my friend HumbleMechanic as he is a VW expert. You might also find this info helpful.

          Good hunting

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