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    Richard Kirshy

    I have a issue I’ve been dealing with for several years and would like your opinion on it.
    Bear with me..
    I have a 2002 Nissan Xterra.
    3.3L N/A V6, 90,185 miles.
    In excellent condition.
    The issue started back in winter 2013.
    The original water pump developed a leak out of the front bearing seal.
    At the time I decided if I had to dig in and replace it might as well do the entire timing belt replacement service as well.
    Ordered a complete kit on line.

    Got through all that in early the early spring of 2014 and all was dandy until the early winter of that year.
    I noticed a coolant stain under the vehicle, after some inspection I see it is leaking from the front bearing seal, not a lot just a slow drip.
    So I decide that come the spring I’ll see about replacing it and leave it at that and just keep checking the coolant level to be safe.
    Now come the spring of 2015, I see no evidence of a leak on the ground.
    Using a inspection mirror I can see the dried stain where the leak originated from but now is bone dry.
    So I think to myself, the seal must have seated itself and I managed to dodge having to tear the engine down again.
    Well come late November 2015 a coolant stain appears under the truck again.
    Getting too cold at this pint to start tearing the engine down, I decided come early spring I’ll do another replacement.
    Went to Nissan and purchased a OEM service kit, water pump, timing belt, idler and tensioner.
    In the spring of 2016, go in again and tear it all down and do the complete service again.
    Again, all works fine and dandy.
    Fast forward late fall 2018, you guessed it, coolant stain on the ground again and again from the exact same spot.
    Left everything in place until the early spring of 2020 over that time I saw the leak occur in the late fall and again in the early spring.
    I decide to go straight to the horses mouth and order a service kit direct from the OG manufacturer who supplies Nissan.
    In the spring of 2020 I go in again.
    All is good no leaks ….
    Until a month ago, again in the same exact spot.
    Now I start thinking over this entire time.
    The leak only occurs in the late fall and early spring, no other time during the year.
    Now here is where it gets strange ….
    It’s looking like when the temperature is between 55 degrees and 40 degrees is the only time the leak happens.
    If it is warmer or colder the leak stops.
    I’m now thinking, even though I’ve use 3 different service kits, either they are all using the same casting or bearing seal from the same MFG and all have this common defect due to temperature.

    If you made it this far I’d like to hear your thoughts on this.

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