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2003 Focus randomly sputtering and stalling, no codes

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      I just bought a 2003 Focus and after about two days it started randomly sputtering out and stalling. Starting the car again clears the issue up and it runs just fine. A few symptoms I’ve noticed is that has a bit of a rough idle and its a bit slow to start up, but neither of these were bad enough to throw red flags during the test drive. My dad had similar problems with a Nissan a while back that turned out to be a bad fuel pump and when I looked up the symptoms they seems to fit. I also can hear a whirring noise that I thought was the transmission, but I read the fuel pumps can make that noise when theyre going bad. There are no codes coming up when I scan it. I am also looking into lemon laws but I think I’ll have to fix it myself. What do you guys think?

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        I think you may be thinking in the right direction with fuel supply. You can check your fuel pump performance with a fuel pressure gauge. You might also start by replacing the fuel filter. It’s not expensive and probably due and could solve the problem without any more extensive diagnosis.

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