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2003 Montana – Headlights filling up with water?

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    I’ve noticed a fair number of circa 2003 Montana vans with the same problem I had….the headlight housing seems to fill up with water and eventually blow out the halogen bulbs…..and there is no noticeable crack in the housing….
    My fix—-remove the assembly and drill small drain holes (3/16″) in the bottom of the housing near the front corners.

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    Make sure that the headlight bulb retainer is in perfect condition because the design that GM used for many 9004/9007 bulbs is well known for breaking. What happens is that one or more of the three prongs that hold the headlight bulb in will break allowing the headlight bulb to loosen and moisture to get in. The only solutions is to find an Asian made new headlight assembly with updated retainer or buy the same old replacement retainer from either the dealer for $10 or the Dorman Help! #42420 from an auto parts store (which may be an item that is hidden in back or requires you to order it).

    Otherwise some people have removed the headlight assemblies on GM vehicles and put a bead of clear RTV Silicone around where the two halves of the headlight assembly glue together.

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