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2003 Volkswagen Jetta 2.0 cranks but won’t start

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    Ricky Loza
    Ricky Loza

    I have a 160k mile jetta that has in all the time I’ve owned it worked fine except randomly it started to not start 100% of the time I would sometimes if I waited a few hours and didn’t happen all the time, but I didn’t have enough money to take it to a shop so I figured as long as it still runs I’m fine for now, but then one day my fuel pump stopped reading my fuel level and the next week it never turned back on so first I replaced the fuel pump and it shows how much fuel I have and you can hear it clearly when you put the key in the ignition but it kept throwing a po322 code still and it wouldn’t start and the code says it’s a fuel relay or crankshaft sensor so I replaced both and still that did absolutely nothing and I took it to my local high schools shop because it’s cheaper and when I went they were actually competent, but they’ve had my car for about 3 months with less progress than I’ve made by myself so I was wondering if anyone can help me figure out what you guys think is wrong with my car. Thank you

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