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2004 Acura TL all cylinder misfire after exhaust issue

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    Rob Schleifer
    Rob Schleifer

    2004 Acura TL, Manual transmission, 201k miles

    Awhile back I was on the interstate going to visit my mother for dinner and the last of my exhaust hangers ended up tearing completely which resulted in my whole exhaust falling to the ground and having to be dragged until I was able to get to a safe spot to pull over. I managed to support the rear of the exhaust using a hose clamp I had on me. Got back into the car and got maybe 2 blocks away before the car started to misfire pretty badly. I limped it home and hooked the scan tool to it to reveal the car is now misfiring on all cylinders. I jacked the car up and visually inspected what I could and noticed the exhaust is leaking where the manifolds bolt to the y pipe section. The leaks are behind the 02 sensors though which correct me if I’m wrong but that shouldn’t cause a misfire since its unmetered air. The cats don’t appear to be clogged either as you can see and feel exhaust flow coming out the back of the exhaust. The car has been parked for months but I would like to work on it here soon. Anyone in here experienced with these cars that can point me in the right direction. I’m under the assumption the manifolds either are cracked or leaking somewhere or maybe the vibrations from dragging the exhaust damaged the 02 sensors. Don’t want to unload the parts cannon at it if I don’t have to. Any help is appreciated.


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