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2004 CR-V Tachometer working intermittently

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    Manuel Cruz
    Manuel Cruz

    Hi everyone! So the tachometer has been working intermittently for a few years now and I just wanna get to the bottom of this, tired of this issue.
    I have resolved many issues myself with the CR-V but my electrical knowledge is that of a novice (if it’s electrical). Recently, I have purchased a multi-meter thinking this may assist me in the matter. While driving over a not so smooth road the tachometer would engage and display appropriate rpm’s and eventually stay on zero. So I’m guessing a loose wire or even more so a short. Also, my friend a while back had an OBD2 scanner and it showed a short but didn’t give enough information regarding a location or module involved.

    Any ideas where should I start? Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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    Nightflyr *
    Richard Kirshy

    My first thought would be to get a inexpensive OBDII blue tooth scanner and hook it up and see if your loosing the tach signal or if the issue is with the dash cluster and orit wiring.
    Might also be a cracked solder joint causing the issue.

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