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2004 Honda CR-V Cranks & almost starts

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    Wendy Zolman
    Wendy Zolman

    My 2004 Honda CR-V, cranks & will almost start. I slid into a fence last Christmas, so I had to replace the radiator. I got one at the local wrecking yard & installed it myself. I drove it about 20 miles, then all of the sudden, it turned over, sounded like it was going to start, but wouldn’t. I checked for fuel at the fuel pump. It has plenty. I pulled my spark plugs, they are wet with gas. Cleaned them up & checked each coil for spark. Noissues there. Put them back in & hit the key, but no change. About a week later, went out & tried again, & it started! I was hesitant to shut it off! I hooked up my code scanner & got the following codes. P0134, p0300, p0303 p0304 & p0507. I finally had to turn it off & it won’t start again. Does the same thing…almost starts. Hooked up my scanner again, but now it says no codes & no mil. Please help! Any ideas?

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