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2004 Honda Element engine swap now less mpgs

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    Amanda Wright
    Amanda Wright

    In January I replaced my 2004 Honda Element engine with a used (roughly 150k miles on it) Honda Element engine. Engine runs great but issue I have is that instead of getting 20 to 23 mpg on highway I am now only getting 17 to 18. I can actually get a few more mpgs running around town. Idle is where it should be. Engine was installed by Honda dealership. Anyone have any ideas as to why I have lost so many mpgs? Things I can try to help make it better?

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    Nightflyr *
    Richard Kirshy

    To start with, No two engines are alike.
    Not unusual for different engines to run differently.
    You have to realize you installed a used engine with 150k on it.
    Unless you have complete service records on the vehicle it came from, no telling what it was subjected to or how well it was serviced over its life.
    You could try a tune up on the engine if that wasn’t performed at the time of the swap.
    Replace the air filter, clean the throttle body etc and see if that helps.

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