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  • 2004 suzuki grand vitara cranks but no start.

2004 suzuki grand vitara cranks but no start.

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      Hi Eric. I am a fan and love your videos. I have a car problem would like to get your opinion.
      I have 2004 Suzuki Grand vitara that died on the highway while driving. The symptoms are as follows;
      1. It cranks but no start. No fuel and no spark
      2. When you turn the ignition switch to on position the check engine light does not come on. It does not communicate with OBII scanner . I shows a link error message. I have tried with couple of brands of OBD II scanners same result.
      3. Also when I am trouble shooting and just by turning the ignition switch on , some of the ignition coil get extremely hot and start smoking and get deformed. so far I have replaced three of them for smoking and swelling. Is this electrical short or internal issue within the ignition coil? Through trouble shooing I have found there is no power to at the fuel pump in the tank also the fuel pump relay at the junction fuse box the fuel pump relay light appear dim when I test it with a light test. One more thing to add there is a 20 amp fuse in the junction the fuse box blew twice this fuse providespower to ignition coil and fuel pump. Any guidance is greatly appreciated by your fan.

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        Sounds ECU related.
        Try googling for “2004 grand vitara ECU problem” to see what you find!


          Thank you Kris, I did google it but nothing came up of importance. But do you think the coil smoking is ECU related? I understand no power to the fuel pump relay may be.


            Hi, I was troubleshooting the 2004 Suzuki grand vitara with no start issue and no communication issue. I tested the TPS ref voltage and signal wire. I got 6.24volt for the ref volt and 1.45 volt for the signal wire. Also I can not scan the computer no communication code. Furthermore no service engine light when the ignition signal is turned on. Also no fuel pump. Some one any idea is appreciated.please respond

            Andres ZuloagaAndres Zuloaga

              Did you ever find the problem! I am experiencing something similar and so fed up with it that I’m about to junk the car!

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