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2005 Accord Transmission down-shifting issue

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    Jared MejiaJarec Mejia

      I am having trouble figuring out a transmission issue on my 2005 Accord 4cyl automatic. The issue is if I’m going roughly 35mph and then let my foot off the gas, the RPM’s will drop and then go back up (it feels like it drops out of gear and goes back in). If I give it the slightest throttle after this, and then let off the gas again, it will do the same issue over again.

      I took a video of it and will upload it if I can figure out how to.

      Something else to note, it does a similar thing in 1st gear at low speeds. If I stay in first gear and go maybe 7mph and let off the gas, the RPM’s will drop again and then go back up. But the car will lurch forward like it’s trying to downshift even though it’s already in 1st gear. Even if I manually shift into 1st gear, it’ll still do the same thing.

      The up-shifts are great and I’ve never had any trouble with it shifting. I change the fluid twice a year, or about every 7-10k miles with OEM Honda fluid. I’m thinking maybe it’s a solenoid issue or maybe torque converter? I’m not really sure and it’s frustrating. Any help or ideas would be great.

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