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2005 Dodge Dakota 4.7 auto 4wd. Transmission temp warning light.

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    Stephen Bowen
    Stephen Bowen

    Hello Campers. Almost done with the Dodge Journey, and the other Dodge starts to go ‘PEEP PEEP’ looking for attention.

    2005 Dakota with the 4.7 auto.

    So, the other day the wife was driving home, and the transmission temp sensor went “ding” and flips the light on for about 20 seconds or so. No heavy load(s) just normal driving and it kicked ‘on’ at a stop sign. Engine temp was running very normal (gauge reads just over the 1/4 temp mark as always)

    I checked the temps with my scan tool and found the engine temp was 100% perfect, and then looked at the transmission oil temp. Highest it ran while driving around was 180 F. It drives fine.

    Fluid is 100% perfect. Scan tool reports the transmission fluid is “hot”, so the level was checked. Just a hair under the “FULL HOT” lower dot. (Within good range) Fluid is bright PINK and looks fresh without anything floating in it. Zero smell (other than the usual fluid smell)

    Fast forward to the next day. It kicked on again and then back off after a few moments. I logged back into the TCM with my scan tool and set it to monitor the transmission oil temp. Hovered about 175 F to 185 F while driving. We get to our destination and suddenly the light turns ‘on’ and it goes “DING”. I look at my scan tool. In the course of about 3 seconds the temperature of the transmission spikes from 185 F to 320 F.

    Now there is ZERO possibility the temperature could go from 185 to 320 F in the matter of a few seconds. The truck was placed in “park”, and I watched it on the tool. It stayed at 320 for about 20 seconds and then slowly reduced to maybe 280…and then dropped to 188 F just about as quick as it spiked. (Which is about where I figured it should be.)

    Of course, we’re going to continue to drive it. It’s clearly NOT overheating but the sensor or related wiring is reporting bad data. I’ve had every suggestion from “Service the transmission” to “Sell it to me, I’ll fix it…”

    Looks like the temp sensor is built into the range selector inside the transmission. Now I know this one has to have acted up on other dodge owners in the past. Wondering what their actual solutions where?

    We will be putting on an external cooler in a week or two. Cheap insurance and the Dakota did originally come with one as part of a tow package. (Unsure why it was removed? But the last owner stated the transmission was rebuilt about 70k miles ago. Fluid is still bright pink with no signs of overheating.)

    Curious to hear from other members with the same issue or suggestions on how to resolve. Also, my hats off to Autel for making a Bluetooth scan tool that can do a lot of everything. (HT-200. Purchased at WalMart of all places…Very handy)


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    EricTheCarGuy 1

    I don’t have any personal experience with that issue, but you might check out my friend here. He’s a Dodge mechanic.

    Based on your description, I’d be looking at the sensor. Given its location, I’d probably replace it and see if the problem goes away. Sometimes the parts canon is the way to go.

    Please keep us updated. Good hunting.

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