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2005 Odyssey Engine Seized in One Direction

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    Xiaohui Liu
    Xiaohui Liu

    Wife backed up car in front of garage. The next day, I tried to start, but the starter would not turn over, and it made barely move steering pump pully rotate 3-4 inches. Checked the oil level, and it was normal. The battery voltage was normal too, 12.5V. Cleaned the battery post and tried to jump start from another car with its engine running. after several longer time cranking, Odyssey’s starter burned out. Replaced with a new starter, and it still could not crank.

    Inserted a 19mm socket to the crank shaft bolt through the hole on the splash shield of right wheel. I could not crank engine CW at all with a 25-inch breaker bar and 160 lbs at the end.

    But when I turned CCW, the shaft moved easily.

    I removed timing belt cover and checked the belt. It has good tension and does not show wearing when I cranked reversely. (120,200 miles on it, timing belt, water pump were replaced with OEM parts at 70,000 mile).

    Can you shine some light on me? Thank you ahead.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)

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