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      I am changing the starter on my 2006 Accord I which has a Honda K series engine. After watching Eric’s video on changing the starter on the Honda K series, I decided to access the starter from below. Unfortunately, the engine mount on my 2006 Accord I4 is blocking access the starter.

      Now, I am trying to access the starter from the top by moving the intake manifold with the intake air duct and throttle body attached. But 06 intake manifold has an extra, bulky black “colored” box attached behind the manifold. The black “colored” box is blocking access to the starter unless I remove the intake manifold out of the engine bay. The 2004 and 2005 Accord intake manifold does not have this black “colored” box. There are video on how to access the starter on the 2004 Accord without the black “colored” box.

      The black “colored” box is held onto the back of the intake manifold by 4 bolts. What is the function of this black “colored” box? Can I remove this black “colored” box to access the starter without removing the throttle body?

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