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2006 Durango (4.7l ) overheating on highway

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    William Watson
    William Watson

    Been working on this for a while. I think there’s a small coolant leak underneath, haven’t pressure tested. Flushed out some rust. Lower hose not collapsing. No heat coming from heater core and blend door works. Replaced rad cap first. upper rad hose hot. Rad seems to flow. Bled air out the plug. After bleeding air out starts spitting water out bleed plug hole and boiling sound from engine with rad cap off. Spouse said gauge was staying at 5/8 instead of normal 3/8 . replace water pump or thermostat ???

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    Nightflyr *
    Richard Kirshy

    First check for any leaks.
    Pressure test the system.
    Leak down test each cylinder
    Check cooling system for combustion gas
    Back flush the heater core
    Flush the cooling system
    Check the operation of the cooling fan
    Check for debris blocking the radiator
    If needed vacuum fill the cooling system

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